Above Ground Suspension Team (AGST) is a body suspension team located in Jutland – the west/nothern part of Denmark.
We do outdoor suspension from trees, cubes or sctructures during summertime. During autumn and winter we do indoor suspension near Aarhus.
We regularly host events and  offer private suspensions – send us a message if you are up for that.
AGST was founded by Martin, who is also a member of Body Extremes Suspension Team (BEST).
Martin have been involved in suspension for more than 10 years, and have been a practitioner since 2012.

AGST, the association
Above Ground Suspension Team is run by a non-profit association.
You can become a member and get discount on suspension during your membership. One year membership costs 400 DKK.
As a member, you’ll only have to pay 400 DKK (non-members 700 DKK) to participate in our events, and 450 DKK for private suspension (non-members 800 DKK).

If you are interested in becomming a member, then send us mail, and we’ll get back to you with further info such as our association regulations (currently written only in danish).

Income from membership fees, merchandise and participation fees will be used for renewal of equipment, better locations (a good venue is expensive), food at events and educating the crew in advanced first aid and relevant suspension techniques.