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Informed Consent Form

By registrating to our event, you accept our rules and this informed consent form.

This information we are giving you about body suspension is designed to help you and make an informed decision about having one performed on you. it is in no way to scare, deter or encourage your decision.

Known health concerns include but are not limited to the following: short and/or long term pain, potential infection, intolerance/reaction to certain metals, tearing of tissue, scarring, numbness, bruising, bleeding, vomitting, loss of consciousness and many different forms of schock.

Having read this I understand that there are potential risks involved with body suspension.

I confirm that during my suspension I will be sober and not under the influence of euphoric substances and free from infections, viruses, diseases or medical conditions that can affect my physical capacity to be pierced or suspended, or cause damage to others.

To ensure proper healing, I agree to follow the suggested procedure given at the event, until healing is complete. I understand that healing may take up to two to four weeks, or longer to heal.

To induce Above Ground Suspension Team to suspend my body, and in consideration of their doing so, I hereby release and hold harmless, Above Ground Suspension Team, and any associates thereof from all manner of liabilities, claims and demands, in law and equity which I or my heirs have might have now or hereafter by reason of my request to be suspended.

Health informations

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NB: If you are a member of the association AGST, then you'll only need to pay deposit as full payment.

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